Gun Safe or Gun Cabinet – Which Do You Need?

If you have a gun collection in your home for protection, hunting, or recreational shooting, you need to store it somewhere. Some owners display their gun collection in a beautiful gun cabinet that features glass doors and a wood finish for everyone to see them.

Gun Safes VS Gun Cabinets

Some gun owners prefer to store their gun collection in a safe that is performed in the form of a locked and metal cabinet that keeps weapons and ammunition properly, but does not display them. What choice suits your needs better?

More gun owners choose gun safes. A high-quality gun safe prevents your gun collection from being stolen without your notice. If you have kids in your home, then you definitely need a gun safe to store these firearms from being stolen or accessed by children.

Some high-quality safes feature the security of a locked metal cabinet that has a look of wood and glass for display. Such safes have a wood veneer and a thick glass, so they may serve as furniture items while keeping your weapons secure. You can find gun safes that look like cedar chests and others that resemble armories, so you can store your gun collection hidden while having a cute piece of furniture.

When purchasing the gun safe that suits your current and future needs, you can get either mechanical locks or electronic locks on your gun safe. Mechanical locks are the most reliable locks, although you will open them longer than electronic locks. You can also buy mechanical locks that feature both a key and combination lock to prevent unwanted individuals from trying to guess the combination.

Some gun safes also protect against flood and fire. A fire-protective lining retains moisture. It is good to have small heaters inside the fire safes that prevent them from condensation that may produce rust on you gun collection. There are also vault doors available on the market today. These doors are used on walk-in gun safes or the entire rooms that are used to store weapons.

Gun Safes & Gun Cabinets Made in USA

The best gun safes made in the United States have a certification that proves that they have been tested by the UL. There are also other ratings that are known as Residential Security Container and come in different grades, according to the time they are certified. A RSC rating guarantees that you can open and close your gun safe 10,000 times safely.

If you have guns in your home, a gun safe is obviously a good investment, especially if you have kids. Having guns is a constitutional right in the USA and responsibilities come with this right.

Storing your gun collection, ammunition, and other gun related accessories under lock and key so they are kept away from individuals who can mishandle your weapons is a safe and responsible choice. If you want to display your gun collection for view, choose a gun safe that features a gun cabinet and show off your guns while still maintaining safety levels for your family members and others.