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DocuGem Safes | Docu Gem Gun Safes

Amongst the very top safe gun manufacture names is the DocuGem. The DocuGem is one of the leading US manufacturers of high quality storage solutions for homes, industries, and offices. This manufacturer produces fire resistant gun safes that have a half an hour of fire protection up to 1300 F.

These protect protect the contents of the safe, exposing a door seal. DocuGem gun safes can store up to 10 rifles and also pistols, ammo, and other accessories. Some of DocuGem gun safes feature electronic locks with an emergency override keys.

If you are looking for a great safe for your valuables and a gun collection, then stick to a Docugem safe with internal pistol/ammo safe. This features an electronic lock that also comes with an emergency override key. This safe can store up to 5 shotguns and features a separate locking compartment for ammunition and handguns.

DocuGem gun safes come with mounting hardware to mount these safes to the floor or in the wall, making these safes more secure. DocuGem safes are perfect for storing handguns, rifles, accessories, and other valuables from unwanted individuals. They are ideal for use in security corporations, law enforcement, businesses, and private homes.

Protect your gun collection and treasured valuables purchasing a DocuGem gun safe that is made in the USA and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our Gun Safe shop. Our online store makes sure that all ordered safes are packed and delivered to our customers promptly and safely.