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Basic Gun Safe Features

There are various aspects to consider when shopping for a perfect gun safe to fit all your needs, and just like any other purchase, you will definitely want to do a lot of research on ensuring that you make the right decision. If you are about to begin your search, you may consider it to be overwhelming at first, but once you browse our online store, the process of making your decision will be much easier.

Gun Safes Size

A gun safe performed in optimal sizes should be able to hold your entire weapon collection and other gun accessories without being too congested or cluttered. When choosing a gun safe, there are various sizes to consider. Typically, gun safes show how many rifles they can hold, and this mark can range from under 10 to over 65. After purchasing safe many people regret that they have got a small one. This is because, as you will understand, there are so many other valuables that can be stored in a gun safe as well. Luckily, there are several accessories that can be used to maximize the space of a gun safe.

For example, a door organizer can be placed on the back of the door, holding many small items such as ammunition. Gun racks can organize and hold your pistols. Cash security boxes and jewelry safes and drawers can protect your cash, jewelry, and other treasured valuables that you would like to keep separate. Freestanding gun safes are a great choice for those who keep ammunition, multiple guns, and other accessories. But if you only have a single pistol, and you want it to be kept separate from other gun collection items and accessories, you can also consider a handgun safe. Handgun safes are much smaller than usual gun safes and can be hidden inside of a closet or under a bed. Moreover, a handgun safe is less expensive than a traditional gun safe.

Biometric safes properly secure your valuables and are easy to open with the help of your fingerprints. If you take pride in owning a gun collection, then you should invest in a proper safe to secure your weapons. Choose a biometric gun safe that is similar to the traditional one, but it blocks the invalid users from accessing the device. If you are worried about your firearms to be accessed by other individuals, then browse as we offer a huge variety of high-quality biometric safes. Our production will keep your home secure from any potential threats.

There are also gun cabinets that are made from the stainless steel and feature reliable locking elements that protect your valuables properly. In comparison to gun safes, gun cabinets have a lower level of protection. Due to this, it is better to place gun cabinets in the indoor installations that feature security alarm. Although there are two locks, gun cabinets are not resistant to cracking. Moreover, they do not have a transom closure system and needed mounting holes for fixing to the wall or floor. So, they feature a simple construction, but they are also a good way to protect valuables as well.

Gun Safe Buying Guide

People who own a gun collection need a gun safe that will properly secure their valuables. There are a wide variety of gun safes, gun cabinets, gun racks, handgun safes, and others on the market nowadays. Every safe, lock, and cabinet is produced to suit specific needs, and what works for one owner does not work for another one. When shopping for the right gun safe be aware of the features that are peculiar for gun safes such as fire liners, internal hinges, and others as they are just marketing features more than safety ones.

The gun safe industry is very competitive, that is why many safes get New Features that can actually reduce an ability of the safe to protect. Before purchasing a safe, it is very helpful to look at commercial safes to identify the features that are most essential to a safe protection, as these gun safes are designed to withstand extremely high burglary risk situations. For instance, a standard feature of commercial safes is external hinges that protect them from burglars as an average burglar will waste much time trying to cut or drill them.

DOs and DON’Ts of Safe Buying

DO buy a safe that is bigger than you think you need

Over time you will definitely want to make your gun collection bigger. A good gun is more than just a gun locker because it is a secure storage device for your documents, pieces of jewelry, and other treasured valuables as well. You will quickly find out that your gun safe is filled up. Spend your money on the size, features, and protection you need. Your gun collection may be worth thousands of dollars so it makes sense to spend much money to protect your valuables.

DO spend more for a gun safe that provides fire-resistance

Looking for a reliable gun safe, you may spend much money for a fireproof safe that actually is not effective. Make sure that used sheet-rock is properly installed. If you have valuable media files and other documents, it is a good idea to buy a commercial-grade fire safe to be placed inside your gun safe. This offers you much protection. Picking a reliable brand like Winchester or Cannon is a great way to make sure that the gun safe you buy lives up to the guarantee of the safe manufacturer.

DO investigate the gun safe’s specifications

Just because a safe is heavy and performed in big sizes does not mean that it is properly secure. Heavy-gauge steel is more resistant to drilling and cutting than light-gauge steel. There are safes on the market today that have thin walls so they can be permeated with a fire ax. It is better for you to choose 10-gauge steel at a minimum.

DO ask about the re-lockers against tampering

A high-quality safe will feature extra armoring or devices that prevent it from cutting and drilling. Low-grade gun safes can be easily opened with a battery-powered hand tool. It is good for the safe to have re-lockers that ensure that the safe remains locked in the case of a burglary.  These re-lockers are indurated pins that come into service during an attack, and cannot be pulled back easily. The quantity of re-lockers on a gun safe ranges from 2 to 10 that depends on the burglary grade and safe sizes.

DO judge a safe by its weight

The safe weight is one of the major factors when determining the safe ability to protect valuables from both fire and burglary. High-quality safes that feature solid steel walls weigh more than those with wrapping metal around insulation panels.

DON’T store powder in your safe

A tightly-sealed steel box with plenty of powder inside is a bomb. You should store powder only in a separate, lightly-constructed wood box or cabinet. The powder should be kept dry, being replaced far away from light and moisture.

DON’T store many of the primers in your safe

If one primer goes off, it can detonate others that will cause a chain reaction. If you have thousands of primers, do not keep them all in one corner of the reloading area.

DON’T place your gun safe in plain views, such as the corner of your living room

This will make your safe an innovation for robbers. Be reserved when you load and unload your weapons, so the whole neighborhood does not know that you own a massive gun collection or treasured valuables that need extra security.

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Gun Safes – Security

A reliable steel plate encased within the walls of a gun safe prevents drilling. The thickness of the steel plate of your gun safe is measured by gauges, the higher the gauge, the thinner the plate. You will definitely want to consider the various safe lock types. A combination lock is the most common that you will find on Safes4gun. com. Moreover, these locks are tried, tested, and true. Digital locks, also known as electronic locks, are just as secure as combination locks and a little bit easier to open. They are performed like keypads with the numbers 0-9 and can be opened easily by entering a code. Digital locks have a common safety feature that lies in the fact that they disable themselves after a certain number of wrong code entries for 10 to 15 minutes. Once in a while, electronic lock batteries need to be changed. Browsing our online store, you will be able to choose between combination locks and electronic ones that are a little more expensive. Another important security feature involves water and fire resistant. Most gun safes are at least somewhat water and fire resistant, but their water and fireproof ratings vary greatly. Fireproof safes are needed in offices, homes, and other institutions as well.

If you want to protect your money, a gun collection, securities, and other valuables properly, go for a fireproof safe at our online store

Fires may completely destroy any property, but purchasing a fire safe you can protect your treasured valuables. We also offer biometric locks that are a little less common, but just as secure as the combination and digital locks. One more measure you can take into account is mounting your safe to the floor. This prevents robbers from smashing it down to weaken its structure, or simply turning off with the entire safe. Gun safes usually go with the pre-drilled holes and mounting equipment that is needed to properly secure it to the ground. It may sound strange, but you will also need to protect your safe from itself. A highly secure gun safe is almost airtight. Due to the minimal air circulation, a humid environment is created in the safe. This often happens if you live in a humid area. Metal objects such as your gun collection, ammunition, and other gun-related accessories begin to rust if exposed to humidity for a long time. Luckily, you can easily avoid humidity by purchasing safe dehumidifiers.