5 Questions to Consider Before Buying a New Gun Safe

If you are a new gun owner, you may want to purchase some gun related accessories for your new gun collection. A cleaning kit, gun oil, holsters, magazines, and extra ammunition are probably the first things that come to your mind. However, the most important accessory that should be bought for your gun collection is a gun safe.

Having a gun safe is especially important if you live with kids who may have access to your firearms if they are left somewhere. Before choosing a gun safe, you may think that it is an overwhelming process.

There are many different sizes and styles to choose from on the market today. Here are some questions you should consider before buying a new gun safe to ensure that you purchase is the best one for your needs.

1. What Size Gun Safe Do I Need?

Safes for guns and gun related accessories can come in various sizes from a small one that holds a maximum of 10 guns to a larger one that can hold up to several hundred guns. Before choosing a gun safe, take inventory of your gun collection and accessories and then be sure to pick a size that offers you extra room.

For instance, if you have 6 or 7 guns and a small gun safe holds only 7 items, you should consider buying a medium sized gun safe instead. This safe will allow you to have enough storage space if you decide to get one or two more guns in the future.

The extra space can also be used for storing your other treasured valuables such as money, documents, jewelries, and others. You also should consider the width and length of the gun safe. For instance, if you have long rifles then you have to choose a longer gun safe.

2. What Type of Lock Does the Gun Safe Feature?

Various gun safes are equipped with different forms of locks. Some safes feature passcodes while others are equipped with dual locks and multiple relockers. Be sure that a gun safe you choose features an effective working lock that is not easy to split open.

Do not purchase a gun safe that has a simple lock and key as it makes it easy for children and other unauthorized persons to break into. Always try the lock before buying a gun safe to ensure that it works properly offering maximum security.

3. Where Will I Place My Gun Safe?

It is a good idea to think in advance where you will place your gun safe. Make sure that in your house there is good storage space for it. You should put the safe somewhere that it will be secured and safe.

Many people who have gun safes like to mount them to the floor to provide maximum safety and to prevent them from turning over. There are also wall safes that can be mounted easily into the wall. You will definitely want to choose a place that is not visited by your kids frequently.

4. Is the Gun Safe Tested for Safety?

Do not purchase a gun safe that is not tested for safety and security. Before purchasing a certain gun safe, ask its safety guarantee and how it is tested. Some gun safes are tested with drills to make sure that these ones are drill-proof.

Drill-proof safes are not easy to be broken into. Do not buy a gun safe that does not have a safety guarantee or the one that has not been tested before its sale.

5. Is the Gun Safe Fireproof?

Most people do not like to think about their homes catching on fire. However, it is always important to be prepared for the worst. Many gun safe owners use their safes to store not only their gun collection, but also other treasured valuables including extra money so that in any event they still have a reserve in their safe.

Due to this, having fire gun safes is very important. If you hold your valuable items and an emergency fund in a non-fire-proof gun safe, then you will have to say good-bye to everything in the event of a fire. Moreover, fire-proof gun safes offer an extra layer of security to prevent destructions from burglars.