Scratch & Dent Gun Safes

Save Your Money with Scratched & Dent Gun Safes

Browsing this category, you will find gun safes at low prices. Their value was reduced for various reasons: a minor damage, broken package, or repair. We let our client know about the real cause of markdowns and specify it on the item card. This category should be checked out by those interested in gun safes from a functional point of view as far as we offer our clients a choice of working and ready to be used products that have minor damage on the outside of the case such as a little jam, scratch, attrition. Such damage may be a result of not complying with all the transportation rules.

These minor defects do not affect the proper operation of the device itself and its functional features. Our professionals will explain to you the reason of safes markdowns and answer all the questions of purchase and delivery. Moreover, you may come up to the warehouse and test your discount device. If you decide to purchase a substandard gun safe the first thing you have to do is to select a device from the available list. When the safe is chosen, call our office and clarify the nature of the damage and how it affects (does not affect) functional features of the safe. We want you to know that we do not offer to our clients gun safes that do not operate properly. Afterward, we will ask you to come to our warehouse and test the safety, and if you are completely satisfied with our offering, buy the device.

Conditions of Purchasing the Substandard Safes

All of our substandard safes are in stock and payment for them is carried out in cash only. You may be sure that the price on the list and the exact price of the device are the same, so you will buy an item at the price that is indicated in the list. We want you to test the safe carefully before purchasing it because we do not carry returns back after the sale. All of our safes are provided with a firm guarantee that means that all of our offerings are of high quality. Before purchasing or going to the warehouse it is necessary to contact our manager for advice on the chosen safe, the nature of the damage, and conditions of purchase.

Buy Scratched and Dent safes without Any Worries

All of scratched and dent gun safes are made in the USA by the leading manufacturers and are as quality as safes from other categories. Their value is reduced due to minor damage or a broken package, and not because of their low quality or incorrect operation. The list of substandard gun safes is constantly updated, so check the Scratch & Dent Gun Safes category as often as possible for new arrivals. If you select an item, be sure to contact our office before purchasing it. We give our customers an opportunity to buy our high-quality, serviceable gun safes at discounted prices. The only difference between them and other floor safes, wall safes, deposit safes, and other gun safes on the site is the presence of minor cosmetic damage which does not affect the functional features of the safes. The substandard safes come with a warranty from the official service partners. These safes meet safety standards and are fully functional. Moreover, we offer free shipping for discount goods that makes products with markdowns a great way to save your money!

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