Hotel Safes

Burglary and theft have been always an unfortunate part of every body’s life. So it makes a big sense to take precautions, regardless of the places you work and live in. Today there is no doubt why many hotels provide their guests with hotel safes that are a relatively cheap amenity that is not yet that common in vacation rentals, and one that can help to set your business apart from the competition.

Protect Your Guests’ Valuables with Hotel Safes

Hotel safes come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of them put the emphasis on security. The other ones, like fireproof gun safes, emphasize how much time paper documents inside them can remain undamaged by a fire when an external temperature rises to the certain level. A typical hotel safe is a combination of a reasonable level of security and maximum user convenience. A hotel safe is a strong box that is bolted to a wall or shelf and features a lock that allows guests to set their own password combinations. This safe is not designed to protect your valuables from a burglar that has all needed tools and enough time.

Nor is the safe produced to withstand a high-temperature fire. Instead, it is designed to increase the level of difficulty for a potential burglar to get such things like a laptop, iPad, or Blackberry that are locked away in the safe and not placed on a table while their owner is down at the beach, or out shopping. The more time a burglar stays in a room, the bigger the chances of getting caught. Who knows when an owner will come up from the beach? Who knows when someone appears in the room to refill the soft drink cooler? These are the reasons why most burglars will quickly go away.

The basic feature that distinguishes hotel safes from other types of safes is that guests can set their own combinations easily. Typically, hotel safes offer a master code that can be used to open the safe at any time. Some hotel safe models can be opened with a key as well. When choosing a hotel safe, take into account that your guests may want to keep there their laptops and other electronic devices, so stick to large hotel safes. For better protection choose safes that can be bolted from the bottom and the back as well. There is no need to pay for a lot of extra features. Remember, your main goal is to increase the level of difficulty high enough so that a potential burglar decides to go away. Thus, there are three criteria that should be considered when purchasing hotel safes:

  • They should be large enough to keep several laptops, a couple of iPods, a digital camera, and assorted watches, jewelry, and wallets;
  • They should be easy to use;
  • They should offer an electronic keypad so users are able to set their own combination code.

Advantages of Shopping for Hotel Safes Online

If you are going to create better-living conditions for your guests at your vacation rentals, take care of their security and think about equipping the rooms with hotel safes. You can shop for hotel safes running from one store to another, or you can do this online with one click and get them delivered quickly to your doors. Your choice depends on your preferences. If you highly value your time, think in advance about what choice is the best one for you. Before starting your searches you have to know that all hotel safes that are available online like any other hotel safes on the market meet the regulations and consumer demands completely.

If you are going to start looking for reliable hotel safes to protect your guests’ documents and other valuables from burglars, browse online stores where every customer can make his or her purchase easier and more convenient. Now customers should not worry about the store working hours as it is possible to make a purchase at our online store any time they want. Visiting online stores, you will definitely find out what your options are almost limitless as most online stores offer a wide variety of fireproof safes, hotel safes, diversion safes, and others that come in various colors, shapes, patterns, and sizes to suit any taste and needs. If you have any question to ask, at the online store there are professionals that are available any time to answer all your questions. Protect your documents, jewelry, and other treasured valuables with the best home safes that are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buy High-Quality Hotels Safes

Our online store often gets calls from customers who have returned from their vacations where they had used a hotel safe to keep their valuables and who want to order one for their home. Hotel safes offer travelers peace of mind that their important items are locked away safely when they are out. For hotel owners, at our online store, there are laptop sized hotel safes for guests who have to store several laptops, cameras, and other valuables.  We carry hotel safes that are not only designed to be of different sizes, but they also offer a variety of features to suit any taste and needs. Therefore, if your guests have not many things to store in a safe, stick to drawer safes for your guests to keep their valuables secured and organized.

We know that it often happens that a burglar breaks into the guests’ room and walk off with their cash, electronic devices, and other valuables. To prevent your guests from such an experience and equip your vacation rentals with hotel safes from brands like Protex Safe Co, Browning, Docugem, and others that are available at our online store at affordable prices. If you have a limited budget, do not worry as we offer safes at prices that suit the smallest of budgets. We understand that even a relatively small investment like a small motel should be equipped with hotel safes to protect guests’ cash and important documents from burglars.

When you are browsing our online store, we recommend you to choose the safe that needs to be bolted to the wall or shelf to ensure that any burglars cannot simply walk off with the documents and money that are kept in it. Shopping for a hotel safe at our online store, you can ask us any question and our service staff will answer it as soon as possible. Protect your guests’ valuables with the made-in-the-USA hotel safe collection that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on website. Our online gun safe store makes sure that all ordered safes are packed and delivered to our customers promptly and safely. Moreover, our online store offers free-shipping, so your purchases will be shipped directly to your hotel or house without any delivery expenses.

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