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Cannon Safes was at the safe-manufacturing industry for more than four decades. Their mission is to offer affordable security choices, and have endorsed their goods with a few of the best guarantees in the marketplace. Their life guarantee yields a Cannon gun secure. Canon offers a lifetime replacement warranty and will cover to get a safe tech to start your protected after an attempted Fire, fire or another disaster. They may also include an onsite repair, or for your shipping fees to ship the secure and from their mill in the event of some of those catastrophic events. The rationale being, Cannon gun safes are A permanent investment in the organization's eyes. As to safety evaluation, their safes are UL RSC certified against break-in, and Intertek-ETL has declared their fire score from half an hour on a few versions to 90 minutes in their Safari versions.

Spotlight: Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon gun safes are created by Cannon Safes, whose motto is nothing protects such as a Cannon. They've been in operation for more than four years, and are producing invention their game strategy. They specialize in producing style break-throughs, and back it all up with a solid for life guarantee. Much like AMSEC, they have a lifetime guarantee that covers the transport, components, and labor or replacement for a protected under theft effort, flood or fire damage. Cannon provides five main lines of safes: Conventional, Cannon, Patriot, American Eagle and Safari. They do also home and office safes, that can be more along the border of personal-sized safes rather than the bigger gun locker-style safes. Cannon is also earning a line of wall safes.

Starting with the conventional collection, and you will find a small number of safes on the market, are fantastic to check it. Elegance might not be exactly what you think about when thinking about a secure, however there you have it. This type of firm offers rounded borders on the outside, which allegedly provides better strength. The inside is topnotch, with walnut facing the shelves, upholstered surfaces, as well as inside lighting choices and a dehumidifier option too. Their fire score is ETL-rated in 1200 F for 90 minutes. The door handle can also be fantastic: 5 spokes, shielded with a better-than-required Sort 1 UL rated digital lock. For safety, the secure contains multiple lockers in the event of a theft effort, along with a bolt-down alternative too.

Their Safari series that can be divided between a cheaper Serengeti and also the top-of-the-spectrum Dangerous Game series is the most recent design of their Cannon gun safes

The Dangerous Game Cannon gun secure comes in many choices. With stunning pinstriping and a painted bust of a water buffalo, the Dangerous Game series is mostly the Conventional but using a Safari layout to it. The borders are curved, such as the Conventional, and the inside has velour-lined shelving for an additional piece of luxury.

Other characteristics of Cannon gun safes which are nice touches:

The interior LED lighting, that is sold as the door is opened and shuts off once you shut the door, is a fantastic touch. So is your dehumidifier rod which you can select for. However, you can generally buy them. You may use desiccant packs. However, the cord-opening is terrific to touch to keep down mold. The Cannon Tru-Rack system is among the sole racking options available on the marketplace which lets you stand as many firearms as you are being promoted. Therefore their 36-gun safes may hold 36 long guns.

The Serengeti is fire-rated for 60 minutes at 1200F from the ETL, although the Dangerous Game is rated at 90 minutes. The Serengeti's doorway is a composite 1.5", the Dangerous Game is 2.25" composite, and have dual steel structure of 10 or 12 gauge steel with flame protection. Another distinction is that the capacity, in which the Serengeti is smaller, the Dangerous Game extends up to some 36-gun size. Regardless of what product you're purchasing from American Security Safes or Cannon gun safes, then you are going to make confident your investment will be protected by superb layout, insurances, and guarantees which should guarantee you you're making a smart choice.

Cannon safes are safes that offer an owner elegance without compromise and the same advantages found on safes from other manufacturers that cost more. Owning a Cannon safe, you can be sure that your keepsakes are properly stored and secured. Security of valuable possessions is not only for the rich and wealthy, visit our online store and purchase a high-quality Cannon safe where you can store your social security cards, passports, tax documents, and others.

Do not hesitate and protect your important documents with Cannon safes from our online store. Cannon safes offer the needed level of security setting the standard for home and office traditional and gun safes. Whether you are looking for wall safes, security safes, traditional home safes, office safes, large freestanding safes, a fireproof safe, or a gun safes Cannon safes have you covered. If you want your valuables to be stored safely, visit our online store and choose a Cannon gun safe. Our online store is announced to be the best online source for Cannon gun safes. Protect your gun collection and other valuables with the widest Cannon gun safe collection in the USA that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our online store.

Our online gun safe store makes sure that all ordered cases are delivered to our customers safely and promptly. Despite fast delivery, our online store offers free-shipping, so your purchases will be shipped directly to your house without any delivery expenses.

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