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The Protex Safe Company understands how it is important to satisfy customers. The Protex compiles customer requests to design high quality safes you cannot find anywhere else. The Protex Safe Company produces top quality security devices at reasonable prices. Protex safes include desktop/wall-mount drop box safes, corner wall-mount drop boxes, wall-mount drop boxes, and other types of safes that suit any needs.

The Protex Safe Company also provides safes with the ultimate burglary protection to protect cash, your important documents, heirlooms, and other valuable possessions against fire and burglary. Protex safes are perfect for businesses and homes and with their excellent construction and reasonable price, anyone can increase their security.

The Protex Safe Company produces, imports and distributes the highest-quality security devices. The Protex Company has over 20 years of experience and produces electronic safes offering unique digipaz electronic locks that are optional on most Protex safes.

Lots of customers have found peace of mind purchasing the highest quality Protex gun safes. When it comes to fire protection, security and warranty there's nothing better than owning a Protex safe. Protect your important documents with the Protex safe collection made in the USA. We guarantee that all ordered safes are packed and delivered to our customers promptly and safely.

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