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The Mail Boss provides the ultimate security mailboxes for securely storing weeks of mail. These large capacity mailboxes feature patent-pending "Mail Shield" technology, so your mail is safe from fishing. Mailboss safes are the perfect choice for those who receive small packages by mail.

The Mail Boss provides mail security and protects you from mail-identity burglary. A heavy-gauge steel construction makes Mailboss safes become mail fortresses! Mail boss safes can't be easily violated by identity thieves. You can easily install a Mailboss high security mailbox on an existing platform, post, or gang plank.

If your business is located in a suburban area where mail is delivered to individual mailboxes, then Mailboss products are the best choice for you. Mailboss safes are designed in the same way as drop safes. A door of the mailbox can be opened by a mailman. Protective inner baffling directs mail downwards to a holding area.At the lower door there is a tubular lock that is equipped with a hook cam for secure anti-pry locking.

If you want to protect your mail with the best security device visit our online store, which is announced to be the best online source for Mailboss mailboxes. These safes will protect your mail and important documents from burglars.

Protect your data with the Mailboss safe collection made in the USA that is available 24/7/365. makes sure that all ordered safes are packed and delivered to our customers promptly and safely.

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