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The Winchester is a leading manufacturer of high-quality American made gun safes, office and home safes for sale. These safes are manufactured to meet all Underwriters Laboratories requirements. There are several reasons to get a high-quality Winchester gun safe.

First of all, Winchester gun safes protect your valuable possessions against fires. To offer burglary protection, every Winchester gun safe was tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). The Winchester is the first safe manufacturer to be listed under the RSC (category by UL). As the industry leader in improving the level of gun safe security, all safes outgo California’s DOJ requirements for safety devices.

Winchester safes feature reinforced door jam, a recessed door, and upgraded hinges. The interior fabric of Winchester safes has been improved. All Winchester safes have a 1-hour fire rating and other features like tres spoke handle, up to 10 locking bolts, and a UL rated lock. All Winchester safes feature top quality materials and finishes.

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