AdirOffice Pistol Safe – Quick Access Gun Safe (Black, Small)

AdirOffice Pistol Safe – Quick Access Gun Safe (Black, Small)


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Safe storage of handguns purchased for personal protection against intruders is a primary responsibility of the handgun owner. Putting them in a nightstand drawer may provide fast access in an emergency situation, but it is not the correct solution. The AdirOffice Fast Access Black Digital Pistol Safe, on the other hand, is.

Designed for safety, the Adir provides the best storage solution for firearms, providing fast access for handguns and ammunition that can be placed at your bedside or anywhere else in the home. Solid, well-built construction resists mechanical intrusion, durably crafted utilizing solid steel to provide long-term strength and use for years to come. Meanwhile, a foam-lined interior keeps firearms and other valuable items protected from scratches and other damage.

The gun safe is also furnished with a spring-loaded access door that opens instantly when the battery-powered PIN code is entered correctly. If the code is typed incorrectly, the safe produces an alarm sound to scare off intruders who don’t want to get caught. This feature is also ideal to keep young children away from a potentially fatal situation.

Measuring 8.7” D x 11.8” W, the AdirOffice is available in two convenient heights – 6.8” or 3.5” – to accommodate to everyone’s needs. Pre-drilled holes in the bottom allow the safe to be mounted onto any strong horizontal or vertical surface, furnishing safe storage for your small firearms and other valuables, while the attractive black finish will seamlessly fit into any interior space.

PISTOL SAFE. Keeping guns safely stored is a must, especially if you have young children who don’t understand the potential danger. Putting them in this Fast Access Safe is the best and most responsible way to properly secure your small firearms in the home.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. Built to last for years to come using solid steel construction, the Adir digital pistol safe is able to resist mechanical intrusion. It also features a black finish for an attractive appearance, making it easy to incorporate into any interior space.
SECURE DESIGN. Providing optimal security, the safe provides both secure storage and fast access for handguns and ammunition at your bedside or any other location in the home. It features a spring-loaded access door with a battery-powered PIN code that opens instantly when typed correctly and sounds off an alarm for invalid codes.
CHOICE OF SIZE. Measuring 8.7″ D x 11.8″ W, the AdirOffice is available in two convenient heights – 6.8″ or 3.5″– to meet your individual needs. Each safe is furnished with an interior foam lining to protect firearms and other other valuable contents.
EASY INSTALLATION. For added convenience, the safe is outfitted with pre-drilled holes in the bottom for mounting screws. This allows the user to easily mount the safe to any strong horizontal or vertical surface in the home.