All in One Keyless Keypad Fingerprint Biometric Deadbolt Door Lock 100 User Capacity

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All in One Keyless Keypad Fingerprint Biometric Deadbolt Door Lock 100 User Capacity

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Thank you for choosing for Scyan D5 Fingerprint Touchscreen Deadbolt lock. No more worries about losing keys! The D5 offers a convenient and secure lock system solution that adopts the least and most advanced fingerprint lock technology. The lock has self-learning ability, which enables the lock to update a user fingerprint template after every fingerprint entry. In addition, the fingerprint sensor in the lock is combined with the touch active sensor. It will be a better choice for you.


  • Operation temperature from -4˚F (-20˚C) to 151˚F (66˚C).
  • Beeper sound turn off option, you may turn off beeper sound if you don’t like.
  • Low battery alert: when short quick beeping and red light flash occur during operation.
  • Memory function: power run-out or system reset will not cause the loss of enrolled fingerprint(s) and user code(s). Features
  • Unlock by fingerprint, code, or key.
  • Individual fingerprint user and user code deletion.
  • Build-in touch active sensor: one touch to unlock.
  • Self-learning ability: fingerprint template is updated after every fingerprint entry.

    Optical sensor.
    Standard 12-key touchscreen.
    Powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries (NOT included).
    Lock designed for INTERIOR door ONLY.

    Additional power source
    When power runs out, attach 9V battery to the ports that are located at the bottom of the lock to power up the system.

    How to lock the door
    Touch top of fingerprint sensor by any finger, blue light will turn on, rotate thumbturn toward to door edge to extend bolt. Key unlock Hold thumbturn, insert a key in the cylinder to rotate 180° CLOCKWISE, then rotate thumbturn away from door edge to retract the bolt
    ALL-IN-ONE FLEXIBILITY: Up to 100 fingerprints, 100 user codes and 2 “Schlage C Key” mechanical keys. Add or delete individual users directly at the keypad
    MULTIPE USES: Users defined 4-12 digit codes, suitable for home, office, workplace and so on, works well for kids and the elder
    LOCKOUT FEATURE: When user turn on lockout feature, fingerprint, code and even key wouldn’t unlock the lock from outside. It is pick or bump proof in this situation
    NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS: Fit door thickness between 1-3/8″ and 1-7/8″, operation temperature from -4 ˚F to 151 ˚F
    QUALITY GUARANTEE: One year limited manufacturer’s warranty DESIGNED IN USA