Giantex 14″ Digital Depository Drop Gun Jewelry Home Hotel Lock Cash Safe Box (Black)

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Giantex 14″ Digital Depository Drop Gun Jewelry Home Hotel Lock Cash Safe Box (Black)

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Our Giantex 14″ Digital Depository Safe Box with ‘drop in’ slot window willkeep your valuables and cherished possessions most safe and protected. It isconstructed of high-quality solid steel which can greatly withstand and resisthand and tool attacks. Automatic lock and anti-burglary design prevent thieffrom accessing your valuables and precious possessions. The digital touchbutton control pad is easy to read and also allows you to set your ownpassword. The safe box includes two emergency keys which can be used if youwant your trusted ones to unlock the safe box or manually open it foremergency. It will be worthy of your choice!


Brand New and HighQuality

Opens With Digital PIN Or Included OverrideKey

Hidden Lock With One Key

Security Code From 3-8 Digits Using Any Number From 0-9

Time Out Period After 3 Incorrect Combination Attempts

Constructed With 2mm Thick Solid Steel

4mm Thick Front Door For More Security

Pre-Drilled Holes Behind The Safe With Included 2″ Bolts For Anchoring

Inside Tamper-Proof Hinges

Carpet Padding On Inside Bottom

Mounting To The Floor, Wall Or Cabinet


Body Thickness: 2mm Solid Steel

Door Thickness: 4mm Solid Steel

Battery Required: 4 X AA-Size 1.5V

Time Out Period: After 3 Attempts

Operation: Digital PIN Or Override Key

Original Code: 159, Then Press A Or B

Exterior Dimensions: 13.8″ X 10″ X 10″

Interior Dimensions: 13.5″ X 9.7″ X 9.7″

Door Opening: 12″ X 8″

Depository Opening: 6″ X 0.5″


【Long-Lasting and Robust Material】: This electronic safety lock box is constructed of high-quality solid steel which long-term use. The thickness body is 2mm and that door is 4mm. It will come with two enhanced live-door bolts. To ensure its security, this safe box can be installed on the wall, shelf or floor, which perfectly stops any casual thief and protect your kids away from the box.
【Versatile Use】: This electronic safe box can play its practical role in home, office, other working places or hotel to store storing various valuables such as money, documents, jewelry, passports, hand gun etc.
【Password Entry & Dual Key Lock】 — With digital keypad, you can create your own password to ensure easy entry, complete security and safe storage. Code numbers can be set to 3 to 8 numbers. But please note that three continuous wrong entries will activate the warming beep for 20 seconds. You can stop the beeps by opening the safe with emergency key and removing the battery.
【Advanced Security】- Because of its robust exterior and interior finish and design, the box safe box is waterproof and fireproof, ensuring that your valuable items will be stashed and protected well no matter what happens. Automatic lock and password setting also effectively prevents people not allowed from opening it.
【Easy to Operate】- Referring to the specific installation manual, it is easy for you to install it on the wall as you need. The burglary-resistant design make it highly reliable and dependable. It is also convenient for you to change the batteries if they has run down.