Diversion Safes: How to Hide Your Valuable Possessions in Plain Sight

Most people can agree that there is no way to put a price tag on the reassurance of feeling protected living in your own home. Investing in locks and security systems is one way to reduce the likelihood of burglaries. However, if a burglary occurs, knowing that your treasured valuables are properly hidden and secured will help you to keep calm.

Investing in a high-quality safe is a very good choice, but believe it or not, it may be even better to hide your possessions in plain sight. When it comes to purchasing a home safe for storing your treasured valuables, consider diversion safes.

These safes are designed to look like common household products such as bottles of hairspray, coffee cans, dictionary books, and others. Typically, those diversion safes that look identical to bottles or canned goods feel full, although they are empty inside, and feature screw-off bottoms or lids. Many of diversion safes are waterproof and fire resistant.

Robbers usually spend less than 7 minutes inside a victim’s residence, rummaging about the most obvious places where valuables such as cash, documents, or jewelries may be kept. Diversion safes are designed to stay unnoticed by burglars.

Choosing home safes can be often costly. However, some diversion safes such as dictionary books cost less than thirty five dollars. Investing in small diversion safes can be wise for anyone traveling and concerned about valuable possessions, money, jewelries, documents, and others that are left in a hotel room.

These safes are also perfect for storing valuables in college dorm rooms, or other public living places. They are also handy in offices to keep important documents, keys, data, and other business materials.

Tips for Choosing a Diversion Safe

The most important tip when choosing a safe for home security is to pick a safe that fits your product choices. Then, camouflage the safe in a suitable place. For instance, if you choose a diversion safe that looks like a toiletry item, place it in the bathroom cupboard amidst other similar items.

Most women prefer to purchase a diversion safe that looks identical to a can of hair spray, which can be hidden on a bathroom counter. Men purchase a diversion safe that looks like a bottle of automotive oil that can be put on a shelf in a garage.

Unlike any other gun cabinets, hidden safes that are available on the market include designs that resemble electrical outlets, flower pots, soda cans, coffee cans, liquor bottles, paint cans, coffee cups, hard cover books, water bottles, and even toiletry items.

Rather than spending much money on professional gun safes, or security boxes, and rather than keeping your possessions under the mattress, look for a diversion safe. These affordable diversion safes are the best security systems on the market today. If you are choosing a home safe, get to know how to outsmart robbers by hiding your treasured valuables in plain sight.