Tips For a Gun Safe Installation

This article is about tips for installation your gun safe. Before getting started, always consult a manual as an improper installation of home gun safes means not only wasted money, but also cause danger as well.

Before purchasing a gun safe, decide where you are going to place it. There are a few factors that should be considered. Gun safes are heavy and expensive, so be serious about getting a new one as you do not want to do this twice.

Most homes do not have any trouble bearing the weight of the heaviest safes, however, if you have an old home, make sure that the floors will hold a heavy safe properly. It is better to either place the safe in the garage, basement, or near a load bearing wall. 

If the safe is heavy and needs to be moved up or downstairs, be sure to hire a moving service to deliver your purchase and install it for you. Most gun safe distributors include free shipping and installation service when you buy a safe from them. 

If you want to move the steel leviathan such as a fire gun safe and install it by yourself, learn the detailed weight and dimensions of the item in advance. To transport the safe to your location, do not use an old hand truck because it can be all sorts of nasty for you.

Tips For Gun Safe Installations

If you are going to move the gun safe downstairs or upstairs, pay a little extra for a specialized stair climbing dolly. Although it costs you a little more, it will save you from many troubles.

As soon as the safe comes off the truck, check it for any kind of damage that should not be there. Do not move the safe with the door being open, with it upside down, or another way but upright with the door locked. This means that before you even take it off, you need to learn your manual and not only make sure that you know how to lock the door, but make certain that you will be able to open it. 

If your office safe comes in a box, run with the empty box through the route you are planning to move it to make sure that it will go through all the doorways. Once you have your metal beast moved into its home, lay down some scrap carpet where the safe will stand as a barrier for moisture to prevent any corrosion. Before opening the heavy door, be sure that the safe is standing completely on the floor because you do not want it to swing out of control. 

Next, mount the safe. If the safe you are going to purchase does not have holes to be mounted to the floor, do not even waste your precious time. Safes that are not mounted to the floor can be easily turned over and pried open. 

Not all mounting systems are created equally. The highest-quality gun safes come equipped with the adequate pieces to be mounted properly. Anchoring is the final step of the safe installation. Check carefully that you have the right bolts for the surface on which you are installing the safe.